Convention Missionen (CMP)

SRM Chicago FAQ Ver 1.2, Appendix B: Legal Shadowrun Missions

Sprawl Wilds compilation
CMP 2010-01 Manhunt
CMP 2010-02 Carbon Copy
CMP 2010-03 Ashes
CMP 2010-04 Humanitarian Aid

Firing Line compilation
CMP 2010-05 Lost Islands Found
CMP 2010-06 Deconstructing Patriots
CMP 2010-07 Congressional Conspiracies
CMP 2010-08 Stormcrow Undone

London Falling compilation
CMP 2012-01 Swing Vote
CMP 2012-02 Five Minutes to Midnight
CMP 2012-03 Silicon Slick
CMP 2012-04 Depth Charge

Dragon Song series
CMP 2013-01 Jailbreak Rock
CMP 2013-02 Berlin Waltz
CMP 2013-03 Neo-Tokyo Fusion
CMP 2013-04 Ballroom Blitz

Dangerous Games series
CMP 2013-05 Rolling the Dice
CMP 2013-06 Double Down
CMP 2013-07 Full House
CMP 2013-08 Going for Broke

Boundless Mercy compilation
CMP 2014-01 Recon
CMP 2014-02 Search
CMP 2014-03 Recover
CMP 2014-04 Destroy

Company Men series:
CMP 2014-05 Silence is Golden
CMP 2014-06 A Night’s Work
CMP 2014-07 Run out the Guns
CMP 2014-08 Demolition Run

Tennessee Suite series
CMP 2015-01 Copperhead Road
CMP 2015-02 Rolling on the River
CMP 2015-03 Cinco de Mayo in Memphis
CMP 2015-04 Leavin’ Tennessee

Deadly Competition series
CMP 2015-05 Carrying the Torch
CMP 2015-06 Opening Ceremonies
CMP 2015-07 Citius Altius Fortius
CMP 2015-08 Closing Ceremonies

BBQ Bob series
CMP 2016-01 Broke Down in KC
CMP 2016-02 The Midwest Farmer’s Daughter
CMP 2016-03 Today Isn’t Your Day, Tomorrow Isn’t Looking Good Either